What you Need to Factor in for a Free-standing Bath

Setting up a stylish soaking tub in your bathroom will make it a relaxing refuge — a spot where you can go whenever you’re exhausted and need some quiet time alone while relaxing in warm soothing water. Purchasing a stand-alone bathtub is a great way to add to your modern bathroom with a classic touch, and it comes in a range of sizes and doesn’t require a large area.

Because there are several styles of bathrooms available, you’ll have a variety of options to suit your needs. Remember, however, that you may need to do a total overhaul of your bathroom to fit the bath and bring the space the ultimate look that you want.

Clawfoot Bathtub

To effectively add a stand-alone soaking tub, several factors need to be considered, like space, size and money available. If you choose to hire an expert, the price of their services would have to be included in your budget. Even if you choose to DIY, it’ll still be a good idea to get a professional to take accurate measurements of your bathroom and the area where you want to install the bathroom so that you can get their advice.

When you have your measurements, based on its intended use, you can choose the correct size tub. For instance, in a bathroom designed for children, you can go for a smaller tub while a large tub will work better for a family or adult bathroom. If you’re putting it in your master bathroom, you might want to consider a tub that’s large enough for both of you to use it alongside.

Considering Design for a Free-standing Bath

You need to consider the design and the materials that you like. Would you like to have a classic clawfoot tub or something with more modern geometric lines? Would you like to use classic white porcelain, or a more bold color or material? Take pictures to help you see what’s going to work best. Other than enhancing your bathroom’s feel, a sleek bath will immediately add to your home’s value. You first have to be sure, however, that the stand-alone soaking tub in your house is a worthwhile addition.

I’m sure we’re all going to agree that a hot bath in a luxury bathroom accompanied by fragrant candles and relaxing to beautiful music sounds like a great way to spend the night. Yet carefully consider how you use it and the room where it will be positioned before you select a standalone bath before you make a decision.

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