Smart Indoor Garden for Urban Living

Last June, I visited a friend’s house who surprised me with her indoor garden of vegetables and herbs. It inspired me to do the same in my house as it won’t consume much space and it’s a healthy hobby.

To be honest, I don’t have a green thumb and I don’t have any experience in gardening that’s why I had doubts and took me some time to start. Eventually, I learned about Aerogarden 3SL indoor gardening system. As its name suggests, it’s an indoor gardening system that helps you grow and nurture your own veggies, herbs, and flowers in your own kitchen counter.

It has been 20 days since I started and my herbs are now thriving! Yes, it requires little to no effort. If you want to try it and want to know how it works, I’ll list the steps and a few tips.

Indoor Garden Kit

1. Adding water

A transparent window at the front of the unit will let you know how much water you need to add from the start and just how much water to add along the way. According to the instructions, you need to keep the water up to the line where it says “fill to here.” In my case, I added water one time and only added some to fill it back up after a few days.

2. Put the Seed Pods

Add the seed pods and keep the labels so you will know which plant is which. You now need to place the plastic domes to cover them. You have to keep the cover until the leaves or sprouts almost touch the domes.

3. Adding Liquid Nutrients

The kit includes a bottle of liquid nutrients that your plants need to grow and flourish. You’ll find the instructions in the kit explaining the amount of nutrients you need to add. The AeroGarden 3SL will light automatically to remind you that you need to add nutrients again (about two weeks.)

That’s it! You only need to add water, the seed pods, and liquid nutrients and you’re all good (of course, you need to turn on the unit.) Just pay attention when you need to add more water and nutrients and watch your herbs or veggies grow.

The light will come on and turn off, and when it’s on, you’ll hear the water bubbling softly. It also arrives with a setup manual to help you figure out when that plant is sufficiently ready to harvest, etc., so you probably want to have that on hand. Trust me when I say this was the best way I’ve ever come across to cultivate herbs.

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