Best Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Have you seen those beautiful tiny houses on Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest? Yes, they look awesome and unique but they also have their own drawbacks and hurdles with its limited space. It’s difficult to organize your stuff and make it work in a tiny house. Where should you place your clothes and kitchen tools? How to fit your kitchen and dining area that’s only as large as a normal closet? And, how can you make the crammed house feel like airy, light, and homey? To be honest, those things require a lot of considerations and sometimes, stressful. Nevertheless, you’ll always find a way to make it work with simple, workable interior design for small spaces.

1. Height Matters

The height of your shelves is an important trend in living in tiny spaces right now. The height of the shelving can give you the maximum vertical space. You can have a floor to ceiling shelves with a mixture of open and closed storage. In this type of houses, having a place to store your items is a necessity. Small shelves don’t always work as it consumes the space above it.

2. Double Purpose

Living in a tiny living space could also mean living less but it must also mean that you make use of what you have. You can use a daybed that can also function as a lounger during the day and a guest bed at night. A C-table can be a coffee table, dining table, or a computer table. Make sure that all your items inside the house can be used for many things. Consoles can also provide sufficient storage area with inner drawers and shelving. Doing this, you can keep everything organized without sacrificing appeal or aesthetics.

3. Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can be your best friend. You can put it in an empty wall adjacent to the windows to brighten the space and make the area seem larger. A well-placed mirror can do a lot to give an additional dimension to your space. Choose from large, installed or decorative mirrors to make your space open and airy.

4. Be Picky

You can’t put everything inside the house, that’s a fact. With a little room, you have to consider the item’s purpose for being there. If it has a purpose or makes your home feels like home, then keep it. It is necessary that you see the importance and personality of an object inside the house. If they just exist to add to the clutter, then they don’t deserve the space they consume.

5. Clear Vision

One good tip to open up space is to keep things tonal. You need a clear color vision of your home especially inside. You can choose a monochrome palette of any color that will focus your look and minimize visual clutter. Keeping things tonal is way better and more freeing than using all-white paint.

6. Portion Management

You don’t need to use small furniture just because you are living in a tiny space. They can actually make your space look even smaller and off-balance. Tall shelves from the floor to the ceiling can actually give you more than storage as it visually eliminates the useless space above a hanging shelve or counter. You may also install full-height drapery panels to give your room more height.

7. Brighten Up

Light and bright walls will brighten up the room since lighter walls can be more reflective. It will also give you an open and airy feel. Never use dark colors as it absorbs light and will make your room look smaller. Perfect use of lighting can also be a key to giving a large room illusion.

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