How to Soundproof Your Home

Living in an apartment or a busy neighbourhood could sometimes mean unwanted noise from outside that might give you a headache or disturb your sleep. Honking cars, noisy pedestrians, loud nightclubs are some of those uninvited noises that can be removed by soundproofing.

Planning on building a recording studio, meditation room or baby room at your house but being hindered by a limited budget? Here we’ll give you tips to effectively soundproof a room without breaking the bank.

Soundproofing has been seen as a luxury exclusive for studios and luxurious hotels that require millions of dollars. Fortunately, you can still soundproof with a minimal budget! Someone with a noise problem can use these inexpensive ideas to incorporate soundproofing into their budget.

Seal the Gaps

It will be difficult to deal with outside glare if you have cracks, holes, or gaps in your wall, windows or ceiling. Using a soundproofing tape will be your first remedy. You can find one for around $10 to seal the cracks, doorjambs, and windows.

Soundproof Curtains

You can add thick soundproof curtains on your windows and walls as an additional soundproofing material. Curtains can soften and absorb sound before it hits the wall. You can pretty much install it anywhere and cover the soundproofing tapes on your windows and walls.

Soundproofing Foam

If you have thin walls, soundproofing can be a cheap option than adding an additional layer on your wall. These foams are inexpensive but most probably the most excellent fit for your budget. What makes it more amazing is its ability to prevent thermal loss.

Sound Proofing Foam

Strategic Furniture Arrangement

It may be a surprise for you but simply moving your furniture and using the right material can reduce the sound that passes through. Carefully fill the room with soft furnishings, carpets, paintings, etc, so the sound will be reduced. Doing this will gradually reduce the sound vibrations inside the room. Using a rug or carpet, especially if you have bare hardwood floors, is exceptionally helpful in reducing floor noise.

Those are some useful methods that you can take to minimise the most unwanted noise. Whichever method you use should effectively soundproof any room. It’ll make your room more stylish as well if you do it right.

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