Basics of Furniture Restoration

Knowing how to restore old or damaged furniture can be handy as it saves you money for buying new ones. Restoration requires just minor cosmetic repairs and light cleaning or retouching. The main objective is to keep the furniture’s look and structural integrity so it keeps its value. However, there are a lot of things to consider before you start the restoration or what approach you should take.


When doing restoration, it is important to check the actual value of the piece or if it can still be restored. You can check the labels or imprints to determine the makers or source. The overall structural integrity must also be considered if it’s too ruined, chances are, your expense might be more than the actual value of the piece. You can consider asking an expert for their advice and opinions before you make your final decision.


Some work may involve just a few basic remedies that you can complete quickly. Some might be more time-consuming and can cost you a lot more than you proposed to spend, which might be the reason why the furniture was sitting on the porch. It is important to know, at least in most situations, whether the restoration is monetarily worth it. It would not be worth doing in situations where restoration costs more than the item itself.

Tool Availability:

Restoration can’t be done without the right tools. You need more than just sandpapers and a hammer. You will need various resources that will be used to finish various parts of the procedure of restoration. Resources can include a few screwdrivers and a few wrenches.


Basically, refinishing means removing the old finish and starting a new one. Keep in mind that this is a process that takes a lot of time. Determining the type of stain that will be required for wood is also crucial. You can still paint the surface if it’s not good enough to justify staining.  Be sure it’s not a significant piece, as once you color it, it will not be the same. Also, make sure to sand the surface before painting to remove dirt and smooth out obvious bumps.

Definitively, the repair of furniture is a rather complex process that needs consideration of many aspects before making conclusions. The finishing of furniture can be a very thrilling and satisfying thing to do when everything runs well and the outcomes are what you expected, but if it doesn’t, it can be a terrible way to spend your holiday.

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