Classic abat-jour, timeless tradition

Contemporary, minimalist and sober, or classic with a pleated shade and worked base, the abat-jour remains a timeless classic.

The traditional abat-jour,  a table lamp with a cone diffuser in fabric, lets a soft and suffused light filter through. Over the years it has changed but remains true to itself. It has never gone out of fashion because it focuses on details that make it always current.

Depending on the function for which you think you need to use it ( relaxation, reading, work ), you have to choose a particular model. Some include a device called a ” dimmer “, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the light differently. This allows, for example, to create a ‘ warm atmosphere by lowering the intensity of light – if you want to focus on relaxation – or make the most of lighting – for example when you read a book or work.

In the choice, an important factor is the quality of the materials.  It is so important because it determines the robustness of the product and its durability over time. The trend models today aim at high-quality and eco-sustainable materials. We should pay attention on consumption as well.  It depends on the type of light bulbs used. Today many models are designed to mount LED bulbs . No longer declined in a technical and cold, these lights with low power consumption are different in many types, different in duration, color and brightness distribution.

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